Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ancona's second private bourbon bottling - APB#2!

I am proud to announce the arrival of Ancona's second private bourbon bottling - APB#2! Our latest small batch bourbon comes to us from our friends at Four Roses.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Four Roses, not only because they have been named American Whisky Distiller of the Year four times in the last five years by Whisky Magazine, but also because Four Roses' barrel program is only offered to a handful of retailers.

The tasting panel (comprised of friends, clients, and staff) unanimously chose this remarkable 10 year old, cask strength, single barrel bourbon to add to our series after blind tasting a handful of samples. APB#2 is extremely limited and a must-have for your collection. You will not find a 10 year old, cask strength, single barrel bourbon like this anywhere else. At the 6 bottle price it is an untouchable value.


Please let Eddie know how many bottles to set aside for you and at what store you will pick them up (Ridgefield or Wilton). Send your requests to:

One barrel, one bottling, and one exceptional offer... this is the ultimate rare bourbon.


A little more about Four Roses & APB#2:
Four Roses is the only distillery that uses two mashbills and five proprietary yeast strains to produce 10 distinct recipes. Each of these 10 bourbon recipes has its own unique formula. Every bourbon recipe has a four letter designation. The first letter and third letter are constants with the only two variables being the mashbill and yeast strain.

Ancona's recipe: OESK

O - Indicates that it was produced at the Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY.
E - Indicates the mashbill: 75% corn, 20% rye, 5% malted barley.
S - Indicates "straight" whiskey.
K - Indicates yeast strain: light spice, light caramel, full body

OESK tasting notes (via Ancona's resident Bourbon expert, Eddie):

Nose: Caramel , Fig Newtons, mild oak, dark fruit, touch of spice and nice char notes
Palate: Dark fruit, vanilla, a bit of leather, caramel, spice, and toasted nuts
Finish: Wood, cardamom, earth, and vanilla that fades to a sweet allspice

Single Barrel:

Single barrel whiskey is a premium class of whiskey in which each bottle comes from an individual aging barrel, instead of being created by blending together the contents of various barrels.

Cask Strength:

APB#2 is cask strength, also known as barrel proof. This is a term used in whiskey making to describe the level of alcohol-by-volume strength that is used for a whiskey during its storage in a cask for maturation. APB#2 offers a taste of what it's like straight out of the barrel.

Aged 10 years:

Aging whiskey in Kentucky is not an easy task. Hot summers and cold winters cause the whiskey to expand into and contract out of the barrels. To put it simply, the wood "breathes" the spirit. The portion lost to evaporation is affectionately referred to as the "Angels' Share". Four Roses is the only distillery using single-story rack warehouses to minimize temperature variations, which provides a gentle, undisturbed and more consistent aging process.

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