Friday, March 4, 2016

Ancona's third private bourbon bottling - APB#3 - From our friends at Knob Creek

I am proud to introduce you to Ancona's third private bourbon bottling - APB#3! Our latest small batch bourbon comes to us from our friends at Knob Creek. Knob Creek holds the top spot as the world's most awarded bourbon. In 2015, Knob Creek collected 49 awards, including top honors at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

APB#3 arrives March 15. I am only presenting this very special pre-sell offer to Ancona's e-mail customers. There's only one barrel and it's likely to sell out before it arrives.

Through Knob Creek's Single Barrel program Ancona's tasting panel carefully selected sample # 1827A. Undoubtedly, it was love at first sip. Ancona's Knob Creek barrel sets the benchmark for superior, single barrel reserve bourbon. APB#3 is unbelievably smooth and nuanced. This is a real sipping whiskey that's best enjoyed in a snifter. Its rich, mature flavor will mesmerize your palate for years to come.

Don't hesitate, APB#3 is an incredible value at the single bottle price and a no-brainer at the 6 bottle price. It's best to buy a few to savor now and a few to stash away for later.

Please let Eddie know how many bottles to set aside for you and at what store you will pick them up (Ridgefield or Wilton).

Send your requests to:

Offer expires Monday, March 7 @ 11:59pm.

REGULAR: $56.99/bottle
E-MAIL ONLY: $51.99/bottle
3 BOTTLES: $49.99/bottle
6 OR MORE BOTTLES: $45.99/bottle

Barrel Lot Information:
This is the identification assigned to the barrel. This barrel came from the 5th floor of a 7 floor house, a location considered upper-middle storage.

Lot ID: This barrel was filled and entered the warehouse on February 22, 2006.
House/Floor: This barrel was stored in warehouse Z on the 5th floor. This house has a total of 7 floors, was built in 2005 and has a storage capacity of 50,400 barrels.
Rick/Tier: This identifies the specific rick and tier where the barrel has been stored for 9 years. This house has 96 ricks per floor, each rick consists of three tiers, each tier holds 25 barrels.

Proof: The approximate proof of the product in the barrel. The product will be reduced to 120 proof prior to bottling, but it is still considered cask strength at 120 proof.

Tasting notes: Knob Creek Single Barrel Sample Selection 1827A
Appearance: Deep, rich, warm amber to burnished copper.
Aroma: Seductive and complex. Full, yet delicate. The charred oak gives a distinctive caramel aroma with a light touch of honey in a straightforward, confident balance.
Taste: Hints of chocolate. And a seesaw of subtle, sweet crème brulee and toasted nuts are complimented by vibrant spice
Finish: Elegant, long, rich and glowing with hints of cinnamon.
Single Barrel:
Single barrel whiskey is a premium class of whiskey in which each bottle comes from an individual aging barrel, instead of being created by blending together the contents of various barrels.
Cask Strength:
APB#3 is cask strength, also known as barrel proof. This is a term used in whiskey making to describe the level of alcohol-by-volume strength that is used for a whiskey during its storage in a cask for maturation. APB#3 offers a taste of what it's like straight out of the barrel.
Aged 9 years:
Aging whiskey in Kentucky is not an easy task. Hot summers and cold winters cause the whiskey to expand into and contract out of the barrels. To put it simply, the wood "breathes" the spirit. The portion lost to evaporation is affectionately referred to as the "Angels' Share".

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