Monday, March 7, 2016

Wine Week: Day Light

It's Nice Having The Days Getting LongerT-minus 6 days until daylight savings!
Events Not To Miss
Cabs with Codey and Holly: Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc
Thursday, March 10 @ 6:45pm
Ancona's Wines in Ridgefield
Fee: Free (RSVP required)

Wines for Easter
Wednesday, March 23 @ 6:45pm
Ancona's Wines in Ridgefield
Fee: Free (RSVP required)

Traditional Rioja: Spectacular wines from Lopez de Heredia
Thursday, March 31 @ 6:45pm
Ancona's Annex
Fee: $20 (RSVP required)

Think Pink, Drink Rose

Wednesday, April 6 @ 6:45pm
Ancona's Wines in Ridgefield
Fee: Free (RSVP required)

Old World Selections from the great importer Louis/Dressner

Thursday, April 21 @ 6:45pm
Ancona's Annex
Fee: $20 (RSVP required)
Space is limited at all our events... please contact Holly to make reservations.

New 'OZ'While on the hunt for atypical Australian wines we came across Shaw and Smith.
Instead of big, bold, in your face and hedonistic, Shaw and Smith produces well balanced, complex wines. I'd put their Pinot Noir up against anything coming out of Oregon right now at a similar price ($37).
PalletPallet season is the best season! All of our "pallet" wines arrived on Thursday. What's a "pallet" wine, you ask? We purchased the remaining inventory of each of these vinos from our distributors and are passing the savings along to you. A little over 120 cases and are split between both stores. You can rediscover some old favorites (Villaine, Fontsainte, Joguet) and meet a few new ones (Mara, Prager, Loimer). We bought all there was so supplies are limited. They will not last long at these incredible prices. Don't miss out!

ISLAGI(It seemed like a good idea) to enroll Gianna in a Brazilian Jujitsu class. (Sorry, Julia)
Last CallOur third private bourbon barrel is almost (pre) sold out. Reach out to Eddie if your interested in a bottle or two.

Orin Swift Kick In The Pants
We just received a small allocation of Orin Swift wines the other day.These wines are not for the faint of heart. They're big, bold and unapologetic... not to mention, super delicious.
Ride.... Post-Ride
Beer tastes better after a long ride.
New and Noteworthy
In addition to the "pallet" wines we received a few other goodies last week. A stellar clean crisp Gavi, wonderfully mellow Malbec, a killer Chianti in magnum, and an '07, 90pt Parker, Spanish red! All are priced not to break the bank - sub $20.

Spell Check
The label for our Oregon pinot project has been designed and approved.
 Stay tuned.

Welcome To The Family
We welcome Alex Boucher to our AWL family...

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